2 thoughts on “Rose Red – my new porcelain ball jointed doll is in my Etsy shop!

  1. They are very beautiful and I am sorely tempted. I always think about Maria, Lisa and the flower girl….with their painted eyes. You have made all the glass eye dolls for the Maria mould now I think because the 4 on Etsy have glass eyes, and there was a second Maria with glass eyes. So I am waiting… 😉

    • I am glad you like them 😌 I have some changes though in the plans.. I have one more doll almost ready, waiting for me to come back from summer vacation with my family in Russia. And this doll is going to have glass eyes too 😌 And this doll was going to be probably the last one from Maria Mold.. because I want to start working on a completely new Master Model for a new doll.. and it needs a lot of time..🙄 Maybe I will put my Flower Girl though on Etsy some time in the future..

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