Commissioned Dolls GUILLAUME and SEVERIN

Finally the project I have been working on since spring 2018 is finished!

Two commissioned porcelain ball jointed dolls with portrait likeness for a customer in France.

They arrived safely to their new home and met their owner. I was very nervous, as I always am , if I answered the expectations of the customer.

But I had no reasons to be worried. My dear customer was overwhelmed and truly pleased with the result!

“Dear Ekaterina,….

…I opened the box, and saw the dolls…

I think I repeat me, but once again, how beautiful, spruce, elegant they are..

You’ve got in your hands a real and pure talent. I thank you so much for your patient work.

I’m very happy of our collaboration, and I was very lucky to find you.

I was thinking of the dolls for my wife for several years, and never found someone who could help me. Then I saw your dolls!..

You are an amazing artist and a wonderful person!….


Such words make an artist in me fly! It is truly satisfying after months of work to achieve the result that makes other people sooo happy!

I wish everybody a wonderful week 🙂

Available dolls . Доступные для покупки куклы.

I have decided to make a special post about the dolls available for purchase. Maybe some of you would find here a perfect present for Christmas:)

You can purchase the dolls through my Etsy Shop (link in the menu of my website), or through EBay, or you can contact me through these website. At the moment I offer a special Christmas price on my dolls!!


Решила ещё раз показать всех своих кукол, которые доступны для покупки. Может быть вы найдёте среди них именно, ту, которая станет прекрасным подарком к Новому Году 🙂

Кукол можно приобрести через мой магазин Etsy (ссылка в меню сайта), или через EBay, или связаться со мной через Инстаграмм или этот сайт.

Кстати, сейчас я предлагаю на моих кукол специальные Рождественские скидки!!

A black beauty BELL/ Темнокожая красавица БЭЛЛЬ 36,5 cm

Lisa/Лиза 36,5 cm


Red Riding Hood / Красная Шапочка 36,5 cm

More Info – Etsy Shop


More Info – Etsy Shop


More Info – Etsy Shop

My current project..

Текущий проект..

I did not post a thing since spring. As usual the time just seem to fly from me.

I am still quite active in my Instagram account @reeshdolldesign , as it does not take that much time to post there 🙂

But I know that I have to update my blog too.

So.. since spring I am working on a very interesting project for me, it is going to be two doll… for the time being I can not say more.. it is a wish of my client. The dolls are almost finished, and I hope after Christmas I will be able to post the photos! I am very excited if the client will be happy with the result and if you like them too!

For the time being.. some photos of the process..

(In Russian.. по русски)

Я очень давно не обновляла информацию в моем блоге.. оказывается уже с весны. Кажется, время просто летит от меня..

В инстаграмме дела обстоят лучше. Там я более активна, просто потому, что времени для поста в Инстаграмме требуется значительно меньше 😉

Но и здесь требуется отметиться!

С весны я работала над очень интересным и требовательным для меня проектом. Это будут две куклы для заказчика. Больше подробностей пока не могу рассказать, это одно из требований. Куклы почти закончены, надеюсь, после европейского Рождества, после одобрения заказчиком, я смогу разместить фото готовых работ. Очень волнуюсь, надеюсь куклы понравиться и заказчику, и вам 😉

А пока, некоторые фото процесса.

More photos you can see on my Instagram account. Link next to my profile photo.


Больше фото процесса в моем профиле на Инстаграмме @reeshdolldesign

LISA – porcelain Bjd on EBay

LISA is not a new girl. I made her in 2016 and she brought me a special prize of Max-Oscar-Arnold Art Award in Modern Doll Art by city of Coburg in Germany.

I decided to give her a new outfit and a new wig, and this is exactly the case when a new hair color changes the girl for the better, in my opinion.

With her new dark brown curly hair, her green eyes began to shine even brighter. She became more… Parisian sort of girl, I think 🙂

The new outfit I gave her is made of my favorite wild silk. The tutu-rock is made of dozens of real silk flower petals colored and shaped in the form using millinery instruments by me.

Her hair band is a very special mini version of the silk flower deco band of the real-human-size, made also by me.

I think all these changes made LISA shine brighter and made her like a little rose flower, tender, but knowing her beauty!

BELLE – new girl is on EBay

Shortly before Exhibition in Moscow in March, I was able to finish a new porcelain bjd doll. I called her Belle.

Her body is like a warm caramel. Super silky to the touch.

The clothes are made from real wild silk and decorated with silk mini flowers made by me using the millinery technique for flowers of “human-size”.

The doll has two wigs: one is long blond straight style made of Goat Hair and super soft.

The other wig is made of Mohair hair and is curly.

Belle is on eBay

and in my Etsy Shop “Reeshdolldesign ”

Thank you for your interest:)

Alice in Wonderland

Shortly before my dear Alice found a new home in France, I was able to make some photo shooting of her inspired by her magical adventures in Wonderland.

It was really fun to create all the requisite for the photos: making the paper flowers for the enchanted garden scene; creating a Rabbit house, where Alice was so unexpectedly enlarged, or finding all the funny bottles, and pretty porcelain cups…

I wish I had more time to play with the girl and her friend White Rabbit.. but this is as it is.. when the doll finds her new home, you have to let her go with the light heart, no matter how “in love” you are at the moment with your latest creation 🙂


I have finished a new doll specially for the doll exhibition in Prague. It is Alice in Wonderland and her friend Little White Rabbit.




The little White Rabbit was made using the pattern and a wonderful tutorial by Anna Palto.




Thank you for your interest!

Doll Prague Exhibition 2017

Two days ago I returned from Doll Exhibition in Prague. I spent three magical days surrounded by beautiful dolls, teddy bears and their talented creators. The visitors had a chance to see true stars of the doll scene from all around the world. And I could be a part of this magical time!




Alongside with some older works, I made a new doll specially for the Prague Exhibition. It is the ALICE in WONDERLAND DOLL with her friend WHITE RABBIT.



The rabbit was made using the pattern by Anna Palto and with the help of her wonderful tutorial.

Also this doll is also brand new. I love her dark caramel color! Still thinking about her outfit 😉


And here is her sister – a very tender Foxy Girl. She is a teddy-doll with flexible arms and legs with a doll skeleton. I wanted to make a posable teddy-doll and I think my experiment works out pretty well 🙂


And here are some photos of of just few amazing works from the Prague Doll Exhibition.. I shot so many photos of breathtaking works. If you are interested to see them, please go to my Flickr account. The link is in my profile 🙂

JR Dolls (left) and Jolanta Jaworska (right)

Maria Sonina, Lesia Pregner and Marina Athanasiadoy (Romantic Wonders Dolls)..

Milana Shupa-Dubrova, Irina Zhmurenko, Kardenchiki..

Viktoria Fribus..


Anna Zueva..



Alla Lukyaniva, Marina Zymina, Natalja Pobedina..

And here are magical works of Oksana Sakharova – Collection ‘Birds’..


Olga Sukach – Collection ‘Mozart’..

Alice Filippova brought to Prague just one doll, but it took a breath away from me ..


Mikail Zajkov and his romantic girls and boys in wonderful outfits..

and a very representative stand had a team of doll artists from Japan..

I hope you liked my report about wonderful Prague that invited its homepeople and visitors to a magical world of dolls and toys on these three days of November 2017!

More photos of Snow White and Rose Red

I had a really nice time making more photos of my new girls, this time not in the wood but at home. So to say studio photos 🙂

Every time I make new dolls, I think I love these specific  dolls more then previous ones 😌

Is not they beautiful? 😊

And of course, I would not manage without my little helper!

The dolls are available in my Etsy Shop. The link to the shop is in the Website Menu 🙂