Doll Prague Exhibition 2017

Two days ago I returned from Doll Exhibition in Prague. I spent three magical days surrounded by beautiful dolls, teddy bears and their talented creators. The visitors had a chance to see true stars of the doll scene from all around the world. And I could be a part of this magical time!




Alongside with some older works, I made a new doll specially for the Prague Exhibition. It is the ALICE in WONDERLAND DOLL with her friend WHITE RABBIT.



The rabbit was made using the pattern by Anna Palto and with the help of her wonderful tutorial.

Also this doll is also brand new. I love her dark caramel color! Still thinking about her outfit 😉


And here is her sister – a very tender Foxy Girl. She is a teddy-doll with flexible arms and legs with a doll skeleton. I wanted to make a posable teddy-doll and I think my experiment works out pretty well 🙂


And here are some photos of of just few amazing works from the Prague Doll Exhibition.. I shot so many photos of breathtaking works. If you are interested to see them, please go to my Flickr account. The link is in my profile 🙂

JR Dolls (left) and Jolanta Jaworska (right)

Maria Sonina, Lesia Pregner and Marina Athanasiadoy (Romantic Wonders Dolls)..

Milana Shupa-Dubrova, Irina Zhmurenko, Kardenchiki..

Viktoria Fribus..


Anna Zueva..



Alla Lukyaniva, Marina Zymina, Natalja Pobedina..

And here are magical works of Oksana Sakharova – Collection ‘Birds’..


Olga Sukach – Collection ‘Mozart’..

Alice Filippova brought to Prague just one doll, but it took a breath away from me ..


Mikail Zajkov and his romantic girls and boys in wonderful outfits..

and a very representative stand had a team of doll artists from Japan..

I hope you liked my report about wonderful Prague that invited its homepeople and visitors to a magical world of dolls and toys on these three days of November 2017!

More photos of Snow White and Rose Red

I had a really nice time making more photos of my new girls, this time not in the wood but at home. So to say studio photos 🙂

Every time I make new dolls, I think I love these specific  dolls more then previous ones 😌

Is not they beautiful? 😊

And of course, I would not manage without my little helper!

The dolls are available in my Etsy Shop. The link to the shop is in the Website Menu 🙂

The Bear!

I just want to show more photos of my new Bear 🙂 He is so adorable and hard not to cuddle! Thank you again to Anastasia Arzhaeva- a wonderful teddy bear artist, for a very realistic pattern and a lesson how to do this Bear!

The Bear is wonderfully poseable and very photogenic! Me and my son had so much fun making the photos with the Bear in the woods!

If you are interested in this cute teddy bear, please feel free to contact me. He will be soon in my Etsy shop.

My new girls – Snowwhite and Rose Red

I had a long pause from making new dolls and I missed every moment without them. But finally I am back again and have two new dolls – Snowwhite and Rose Red from the fairytale by Grimm brothers! I also made a special friend for them – their winter guest The Bear, who comes to be an enchanted Prince..

 The bear is made by me in the style Natural. It has a skeleton inside and can pose very naturally. I would like to thank Anastasia Arzhaeva- a wonderful teddy bear artist for a pattern for the bear and a master class. It was really fun to make this Bear!

And my son loves the Bear too 🙂

If you are interested in my dolls, please feel free to contact me 🙂 The dolls will be soon available in my Etsy shop!

Thank you for your interest!