The Bear!

I just want to show more photos of my new Bear 🙂 He is so adorable and hard not to cuddle! Thank you again to Anastasia Arzhaeva- a wonderful teddy bear artist, for a very realistic pattern and a lesson how to do this Bear!

The Bear is wonderfully poseable and very photogenic! Me and my son had so much fun making the photos with the Bear in the woods!

If you are interested in this cute teddy bear, please feel free to contact me. He will be soon in my Etsy shop.

My new girls – Snowwhite and Rose Red

I had a long pause from making new dolls and I missed every moment without them. But finally I am back again and have two new dolls – Snowwhite and Rose Red from the fairytale by Grimm brothers! I also made a special friend for them – their winter guest The Bear, who comes to be an enchanted Prince..

 The bear is made by me in the style Natural. It has a skeleton inside and can pose very naturally. I would like to thank Anastasia Arzhaeva- a wonderful teddy bear artist for a pattern for the bear and a master class. It was really fun to make this Bear!

And my son loves the Bear too 🙂

If you are interested in my dolls, please feel free to contact me 🙂 The dolls will be soon available in my Etsy shop!

Thank you for your interest!

Black Porcelain Beauty LILY

My beautiful porcelain BJD LILY was adopted by the same collector who bought my first doll Maria. So, as a gesture of my appreciation, I’ve decided to make a dress for my little LILY 🙂

A friend of my, a stylist, told me, that she sees Lily only in yellow 😉 So… here she is – My LILY in a fairy-like yellow creation!




I hope my LILY will be loved in her new home. And I am happy that she will be in a company of my dear Maria Doll 🙂

My sweet teddy-doll “Rose” is ready for adoption :)



I am glad to introduce my first teddy-doll “Rose” 💕

It is approximately 30cm (11,8 inch) tall.

It is made using a classical pattern of a teddy-bear with my changes and a very special PORCELAIN face, designed entirely by myself – face mold “Maria”. The face was painted with China paint in many layers and fired after each layer. The color will never fade or be scratched.

This very special girl has real glass eyes of superior quality, hand-made in Germany.

The body is made from high quality German mohair. Her paws are from velour. The Teddy-doll’s body is toned with high quality artist oil pastel.

I used wood chips and metal granules for filling.

Arms, legs and head are moveable – attached with pins.

Her hair – mohair hair of superior quality.
The Teddy-doll has a removable ribbon with beads around her neck and a headband.

The teddy-doll can stand by itself for a short time, but it is NOT RECOMENDED, because of the danger to hit and break the porcelain faceplate!!

My little girl Nina

I finely finished the outfit for my little girl Nina, just before the LDoll Festival 2016 in Lyon, France.

I am happy with the result 🙂 She turned out very ‘frenchy’, so to say 😉

I really hope she will find a loving home, though, as usual, I love her, as all my girls, so much..

Porcelain Beauty LILY in my Etsy shop looking for a loving home