Hildegard Günzel Doll Museum and Manufaktur


As a part of participation in the Spring Doll Festival in Münster, I had a chance to visit a Museum and Working Spaces of the great doll artist Hildegard Günzel. Frau Günzel is considered to be one of the most outstanding German doll artists.

I admired this wonderful artist for a long time, collecting all the books I could find and looking at the photos of her amazing lifelike divine dolls for hours!


And then came this wonderful chance to meet this outstanding artist and her dolls in person 🙂

Frau Günzel showed us her working rooms..

And this is a new doll Snow White with likeness of Lily Alen 🙂 She is gorgeous! I posted the photo of this doll in a full gown in the previous post 😉


And this is a personal museum of Frau Günzel.. Simply breathtaking!


And at the end was a small brunch organized personally by Frau Günzel and her nice team.

A wonderful day and memories about meeting one of the nicest and positive person I’ ve met in my life. Thank you Frau Günzel for being such an inspiration!